Dubai The Big 5 Solar 2019に出展致しました。


本年11月25日()~28(木)に中東最大の国際建設・建築展「The Big5」が開催され、 弊社はその中、「主催者が注目する4社」として太陽光発電展「The Big 5 solar」に唯一の日本企業として出展致しました。 


From November 25th (Mon)-28th (Thu), the Middle East’s largest international construction and architecture exhibition, “The Big 5” was held. 

Among them, we exhibited as the only Japanese company in the solar power generation exhibition and we were elected as “4 companies that the “The Big 5 solar” organizers focused on. 





This year was the 40th anniversary of Big 5. 68,753 people came from 132 countries, and a total of 1,000people came to our booth. 







Current Dubai promotes to break away from dependence on oil which clearly states that 5% of the total power consumption will be transition to renewable energy by 2030. For that reason, the interest and response to solar power generation was higher than we expected. It was a fruitful exhibition with a lot of specific business talks. 




Through this opportunity, we will contribute to energy conversion in the Middle East and expand our business.